Grit, The Best Predictor of Success
Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 4:21PM
Joey Brannon

I read this article from the New York Times called What if the Secret to Success is Failure. It was published last fall and has been blogged, podcasted and commented on inumerable times since. Among the many take-aways is the finding that grit, the ability to stick to something and overcome obstacles in the face of adversity, is better than GPA or college pedigree at predicting who will make a difference. It got me to thinking that this concept of grit, determination, perseverance, or whatever it is called is most often the trait exemplified by the protaganist on the inspirational big screen. I've linked up a few examples below.

I was talking with some other firm owners this week. While discussing what our ideal customer looks like this idea of optimism and determination came up. It is not surprising that we want to see this in our customers. It is a value we all aspire to. We want to see it not only in ourselves but in our friends, in our family members and in those people that we encounter every day. The greatest thing about the research reported in the Times article is that it excludes no one. In fact, those who have the odds against them are in the position of greatest opportunity. It is they who can demonstrate grit. The people you encounter who seem to be at the bottom, weighed down by a mountain of circumstances that argue against their eventual success, are the ones poised to surprise you. And if you are the one under the mountain? Take heart. No one finishes your story but you. Start writing.


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